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How's the centering on the wheel hub? I know I needed to take a sprocket to a machine shop to have the mounting holes indexed to center when I opened up the hub. If it's mounted even slightly off center the run out will multiply on the outside diameter. Doesn't help that it's dished too.

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There is no separate hub

It’s a solid hub and mag

This happened to my spoked moby as well tight loose tight loose tight loose

It’s only the big sprockets

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If it’s a new chain and rear sprocket on a worn out front that will make it bind up.

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I cut the center of the sprocket 2 times around with a dremel and got the sprocket almost perfect. It was tight on the hub so once it had a little play I could adjust it. Boom fixed.

Added a stronger “clutch” preload spring today.

Much better! Peppy gets to 10-11k pretty fast

It’s so weird having a wide power band that revs out so far.

And I dropped the ramped up ramps angle a tad cuz the steep extensions made it much harder to shift, so now they are at a nice swoop


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And lastly,

If you ever lose a nut off an engine mount bolt on a ride, there’s an easy solution! (Forgot to take pics)

Take off some of your shoelace, and tie a tight knot over the threads, then loop around the opposite direction and do another tight knot, then tie the remainders to something on the frame to keep tension on the knot. Worked wonderfully

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Next is a reed riser to fit stock av10 reed setup into this thing. These reeds are ok but the opening is too small, maxed out at 13mm. Av10 inlet is unrestricted.

Best thing is that you don’t need reed stops since they’re built into the cases

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Ohhh sprocket thing makes sense now I get what your saying. 👌🏻

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I really like this bike. Just got back from my test route. It needs better less bouncy shocks but it’s a great time to ride and now that the preload spring is stronger it’s acting much better so I still might go back to a weaker spring with a lot lighter rollers. They should act similar with less resistive load on the drivetrain.

This thing sings at 9-11 or 12k and doesn’t sound stressed at all with a wide power band. Doesn’t struggle to climb from 3 or 4K at all.

It’s almost like having low blowdown and a high hitting pipe and shorter gearing is a great way to have a fun city and hill bike without adding any too much go fast parts. I’ve never run short gearing like this before. Still feels like a 40mph least. I’ll be adding more boost ports on this and go to 65% of bore but I really like this idea of high rpm pipe on a low blowdown cyl with lots of exh width.

Good times during the end of the world

Re: Solo Fuckery

Av10 stock reeds (thanks Calder) and their fitment. Gotta make a reed plate adaptor but looks like they are super close to fitting with minimal case opening with getting the reeds tips right near the crank


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