Solo Fuckery

Yeah I’ve been steering clear of the garage lately as it’s been harvest time and covid has made me kind of “why bother” but I decided to buy a solo from a salty bear. It’s on a Columbia “sport”, basically a rigid rear commuter. It’s janky and hilarious, but I’ve always wanted to play with one of these engines.

1. First question:

To reattach the head to cyl, the rubber o ring is in great shape, but the head gasket needs to be replaced. It’s gotta be a super solid tight butthole fit, because there’s all that water that’s itching to get into the combustion chamber. What to use to get a good seal? The original was a copper and fiber sandwiched gasket. ??? Idk.

2. Second question: the transfers are huge yet the transfer windows are teeny tiny, do most folks open those up a bit? I’ll definitely port the exhaust and boost as there’s plenty of meat.

3. Has anyone run these with an er3? It looks like it wouldn’t be too hard to mod for that.

4. I’m going to keep the awesome aluminum ex for now but will probably add a circuit pipe eventually.

Any inspiration for porting or building a ripper solo?

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I do think it would be cool to weld up a second port in the water jacket and make a cooling system.

I think o ring the head is probably the way to go, then goop the outer perimeter.

If I remember the reeds are tiny and the cases are super thin around them so you can't hog them out, maybe pour some alumiweld in there?

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I got a complete solo motor with plans two bolt two of them together for a dual motor setup. No clue when I'll have a chance to do it but that's the plan...could run a subframe setup and a pulled off the clutch side of the crank.

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I’m not too worried about the reeds.

I have tig now so I can do anything.

But yeah I think an o ring might be ok, if it’s good enough for wc scooter kits it should be good enough for this. The jug should spin nice on the lathe just attached to the cyl sleeve.

I just gotta pick a readily available one then chop it

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oh woah i didn't realize they dropped the price to 50 bucks, thats so crazy, i wish i had a batavus or a peugeot 102 or something to run this on. maybe i'll put it on a minibike or something dumb for the kids or repower a weedwacker or something? 50 bucks is too cheap not to buy what the hell.

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i was actually looking at these goofy little boats guys are making out of pvc pipe, like a mini pontoon kinda thing this summer and thinking it would be cool to put a moped engine on there? i dunno the possibilites are endless, the world is yours, you ain't fully clean until your zestfully clean.

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Hell yeah, would you have to get a boat license for that? Or is it outlaw shit

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> Graham Motzing Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> No.


> I do think it would be cool to weld up a second port in the water jacket

> and make a cooling system.


> I think o ring the head is probably the way to go, then goop the outer

> perimeter.


> If I remember the reeds are tiny and the cases are super thin around

> them so you can't hog them out, maybe pour some alumiweld in there?

I was talking about this with Stepehn Buzzard earlier this year. I think it would be a fun bike to see what you can squeeze out of it.

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Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

It's important to fill the water jacket with exactly the amount of water specified in the manual, and no more. There has to be a certain amount of air in it too, as coolant won't compress, and will forced out as it heats up.

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I used 100 percent anti freeze in mine. Worked great, never got above 200*. With just a pipe and regearing it I was in the 40s.

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Yeah I’m into this setup

Will be fun to play with the variation.

Did your solos have the tiny boost?

Opening that’s gotta get some help.

Exhaust too.

I bet doing a widening of the exh port , boost hogged out beefiness, big piston window and mods and maybe a modded head will bring this thing to life. Will forgo head changes til after I have it running.

Probably a proma too since I have one.

The head chamber is cut to 40mm, while the bore is 38mm, I get they didn’t want the piston hitting the edge of the head when problems arose but 2mm extra? Weird.

Also saw that a Puch DMP jug fits on the studs if you made an skirt adapter like on m1s. But it’s 10mm pin crank so you’d have to sort out a piston.

I do have a jog vertical scooter kit cylinder that has a 10 pin and is the same stud pattern as Puch. So many choices!!!

Yeah this bike has 65 miles.

Was owned by a priest.

It will be defiled as a sacrament to Satan


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I've been buying up all the solo crap that comes up for sale in MN so I have spares and parts to test things on. I have a wrecked cylinder that would be perfect to cut into to see exactly how far you can go before breaking into the water jacket if you want it.

The plan with mine is to adapt the two speed pulley onto it to have something extra interesting.

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Have you ever posted detailed pics of that pulley? And if not would you please

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Nate had some wild plans for one but not sure if he ever got around to playing with it.

Excited to see what you do! And lol at you buying a bike from a priest

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I bought from the dude who bought the bike from the priests family? Or church or something idk fuck cults

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I never touched the head nuts it went really well with just a pipe I didn’t want to ruin it. I did change out the reeds for some carbon ones and it made it much more snappy. I tried messing with the variator/clutch and that shit it hopeless, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Lol you must not know me bro

Re: Solo Fuckery

This idler bearing was the predecessor to the er3? Did Doppler just steal that idea

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If doppler stole it then so did comet and every snowmobile made from like 1968+

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I didn't take it further apart than this but there is a plastic planetary gear set behind the cover and a two arm clutch behind the chain side half. It looks like a huge set of starter shoes. Very interested to see what kind of engagement this has and what it even does.

Myron's has a basic diagram of it.

2-speed diagram


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That’s really cool

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I know you are not always going to listen to reason, but believe me you don’t want to mess with the spring and weights daisy chain it makes it act super fucked. I tried removing one weight and that sucked, I tried using one long spring hooked to itself and that wouldn’t even engage, then I tried putting a ball chain inside the hardware store spring and that almost ruined the bike in one rip. (edited)

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Sounds like you give up easily.

Never give up your dreams diesel

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I’ll first try fooling with each rollers weight.

Just a lil lighter, or try a balanced 3 weight on the same spring. I’ll get it

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It was a really nice bike and I was sure I would break it if I kept fuckin with it. I have no doubt you will break it, but you are also going to put in the work to try and fix it and maybe make it better in the process.


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Is that exhaust bracket attached to the swing arm? Did that cause any issues while riding?

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Don't think so you can see the ball joint at the manifold. Goes swingy swingy like a frenchy

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Circuit pipe, slightly bigger carb, port the reed area, add 2 beefy boi's at SYP, we rode dubs on one for about 28 miles alone in the woods, beat the pack back, these have a lot of potential

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> Mitch Mills Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Is that exhaust bracket attached to the swing arm? Did that cause any

> issues while riding?

Nothing out of the realm for a normal moped, you know the occasional hardware coming loose, but it never fell off or anything. It is a Peugeot clone ninja pipe from way back in the day and man it broke all the time when it was on a Peugeot, never once gave me an issue on the solo. I hacked the header out of the exhaust pipe and it was close enough to open up the holes on the ball joint to attach it to.

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Well I got a copper crushable head gasket from treats with a pressed ridge in the center all the way around.

It fits pretty good after a little cutting so I’ll try that with yamabond on the head. Might work it might not.

Don’t know what the stock squish was but I’ll get it as close to .8 as possible.

So I lapped the head and top of cyl and the base. So I guess porting is next.

I’ll do a grunty port job on this, want a small blowdown for a wide ass powerband.

I’m so happy to be back in the shop.

I’m so out of practice.

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