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Here are dimensions for the kx65 reed block. Bolt pattern 2.095”x1.617” center of the mounting holes. The reed opening 1.557”x1.633”. They are 1.38” deep. (edited)


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They’re basically the moby/Peugeot polini case reeds, I’m sure some one has an extra set laying around

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My question is about the reed hole pattern

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The lowest of effort for you I sorry. You’re are totally right about carving out the cases, shit is so tiny! I can’t believe they rip so hard.


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Yeah I think I have to move up to a 15 or 16 carb. The 10 is ok on these hills but with these massive transfers I need a little more flow. I’ll try that first before I go bigger.

Got the lights and horn working today.

Sending off reg 230 paperwork for a plate Monday.

It’s still $21?

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todd amundson /

Thought it was 22$. Just send the $22. I’m being serious. They don’t send change back.

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I have to add suspension the rear of this bike omg.

My fucking taint and balls just fell off

Re: Solo Fuckery

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

I never messed with the vario. I just added extra engine tension springs to change when it variates.

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> JBOT Admin Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Thanks..


> Yeah I think I have to move up to a 15 or 16 carb. The 10 is ok on these

> hills but with these massive transfers I need a little more flow. I’ll

> try that first before I go bigger.


> Got the lights and horn working today.


> Sending off reg 230 paperwork for a plate Monday.


> It’s still $21?

It’s $23 now.. ask me how I found out :/

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Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

"Hello sir, we were unable to process your registration application because we need two more dollars. We apologize for the resulting 2-4 week delay as a result"

Re: Solo Fuckery

Thx jack

Re: Solo Fuckery

Yes to the 23.00

On another note If your application get kicked back saying they want a BOS from the PO the cost is 45.00 Plus you will have to file a statement of facts form REG 256.

I am building a wiki page on this matter now.

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When do they want a bill of sale?

When there’s a record of the bike in the system?

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Yes a BOS from the person that the bike is registered to. I always get a laugh when I see ads from people selling a moped offering a BOS and they are not the registered owner. That BOS is worthless when it comes to legally registering the bike in your name. It would only be good for absolving you of guilt if the bike pops up stolen.

But because of confidentiality they can't tell you who the person is. I have been back and forth for 5 months as of now trying to register a basket case Kreidler I built to running condition.

I started out as always filing as a "new" registration hoping that the bike had never been in the system or that the bike had "fallen out of the system.

But new rumor has it that DMV no longer lets mopeds fall out of the system in order to create revenue I guess.

I think I have finally jumped through the last hoop and hope to get a paper and plate so I can sell this German frankfuirtur



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🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

If your charisma stat is high enough you can convince the supervisor at the Corte Madera DMV that anything can be a moped

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I made a new intake and am running an old 16mm spigot weird mikuni.

Added 3/8 threaded steel rod into the lightest varplus rollers, that gave me 6.4g each. Still a little heavy so I’ll just drill out the steel on the lathe til it’s perfect.

Jetting needs to come up, running it open with a 85 or so. Gotta go up into the 90s or higher for sure

Finally getting in the ballpark. Should add a launch lever and variation brake to get it cooking up these hills.

Also added a lil old Puch half racer seat. I found out why my taint and asshole almost exploded. The old seat had a taint buster just raren to fuck you up. Look at this, that’s a crime against humanity

The engine sounds very beastly but quiet because it has the stock exhaust. It’s a strange sound.


Re: Solo Fuckery


KX65 in hobbit

Re: Solo Fuckery

I kinda want to get a clutch pulley for this.

Anyone have a used setup?

16mm pedal shaft.

It would be so baller. This bike would really rip with that.

Re: Solo Fuckery

What the fuck is that seat!

Who would have designed that.....I am sure you made it nice and cushy now.

Re: Solo Fuckery

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

JBot your battery is low


Re: Solo Fuckery

My camera is fucked.

Won’t focus. i have to hit the phone for like 15min to get the focus to work. It’s a real drag.

So I have close up or nothing.

So I want to get a new idler bearing but the koyo number doesn’t seem to cross anywhere.

Are there any bearing smarties here?

Koyo TR0414P520518

I replaced the seat and it’s not an ass killer anymore. The seat was a metzger I think? Just awful. My genitals hurt like I did a sumo gang bang in my ass not that I’ve done that but maybe someday

Re: Solo Fuckery

I bought a replacement years ago on amazon I think, I was searching based on dimensions not from a part number though (edited)

Re: Solo Fuckery

Yeah do you have any idea what bearing you got or dimensions? I’d rather buy it first so I don’t have to wait after disassembly

Re: Solo Fuckery

#9 on the parts fishce lists a standard bearing.

1.125 id x 1.38 od x .37 width

After converting it to metric I found something, first link I clicked.

29 x 35 x 9 drawn cup bearing (edited)


Re: Solo Fuckery

Thank you

Re: Solo Fuckery

So it appears that it’s called a B-186

That makes it a lot easier.

This is the one yeah?

Re: Solo Fuckery

And after you swapped out your bearing did it fix idle issues with the wheel on the ground?

Mine wants to grab a bit and it gets annoying.

I oiled the bearing but there’s a lot of play and noise

Re: Solo Fuckery

That bearing exploded on the one I had, the p.o. Brought it into me and was like I was cruising around and then it started shaking, sparking and smoking so I turned it off. I was like damn that sounds made up. Sure enough it was all three.

New bearing made it idle super nice, I also noticed using non toothed a belt helped. I think I had a 4lxxx green gates belt on mine. Like the lawnmower belt.

Re: Solo Fuckery

Awesome I got that bearing so we’ll see if it makes things better

Re: Solo Fuckery

New Bearing made it run as it should. Idles with a lil tuggy tuggy but that’s cool. Pressed out the bushing then lubed the bearing with moly and cleaned up the race.

Then I added to the intake to allow an angled carb out the side. Still pretty short so it should be nice. Will want to add an airbox eventually so I need the carb in a place where pedals won’t hit.

But fuck it the tank is gross and the rust is in the gas. Going to hose it out tomorrow and run a toilet snake up in there to break off chunks of rust, then I guess use a vinegar soak? Diy methods I don’t want to buy chemical shit.

Then since I’ll have the gas out, now would be the time to weld the frame, cutting off the sheet metal rigid swingarm and adding the entire rear from a hero majestic I happen to have. I have Puch 16in 5 stars that fit beautifully as well.

So big things are gonna happen with this fucking Columbia, gonna be the raddest Columbia ever. And it’s gonna be white. And red and orange and yellow.


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