Re: Solo Fuckery

Hell yeah, fixing to add a launch lever of sorts too. It’s maybe going to be driven with a cable, we’ll see.


Re: Solo Fuckery

Added the hero swingarm with tack welds for now.

These 16in 5 stars kinda make this thing look a lil Tomos-y which I’m going to try to avoid if at all possible. I might go back to spokes if I can’t get a good vibe from the build. The Columbia wheels are pretty beefy but pitted so we’ll see.

Paint will be pretty wild and getting the rear fender back on might help



Re: Solo Fuckery

why avoid them just because of looks?

Re: Solo Fuckery

Looking good! Puch wheels should stay, the million-billion options for gearing is rad. Oh I almost forgot, did you also replace the pulley bearings? I would recommend ditching the whole pulley, or at least preemptively lock it into drive mode.

Re: Solo Fuckery

Because I don’t think Tomos are attractive.

Super fugly actually

This large tube frame as gas tank is tomosesque already, so if I can’t shake that look I’ll have to play around.

If I’m doing a build I develop a vision of what I want the bike to look like, that vision changes sometimes throughout the build, as it should.

But if parts make the bike too reminiscent of something dumpy, then it cannot stand

Re: Solo Fuckery

Pulley is fine. I’ll get an aluminum guyee at some point. This bike had 65 miles on it.

Yeah time will tell as far as the wheels.

Re: Solo Fuckery

I mean $50?!?

Re: Solo Fuckery

Worth it if you can adapt something good to the weird ass output shaft. I’m working on something.

Re: Solo Fuckery

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

I just noticed that you have the 20mph bushing on there. You could sand it down, but be careful, bronze is brittle.

Re: Solo Fuckery

I already turned it down, it was double as thick.

Cheeks close fully now I think

Re: Solo Fuckery

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

Clap them cheeks

Re: Solo Fuckery

Actually it doesnt close all the way.

I’ll shave it more before I loctite the bushing back in

Re: Solo Fuckery

Why did I think solos we single speeds? Or the wierd 2speed planetary pulley.

Had no idea that some were variated. Or were the moving cheeks the clutch function?

Re: Solo Fuckery

> Aaron Blair Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Why did I think solos we single speeds? Or the wierd 2speed planetary

> pulley.


> Had no idea that some were variated. Or were the moving cheeks the

> clutch function?

Ha sent this as a PM first cause I suck.

There are three versions, single speed, variated, and fixed front w/ two speed pulley (only on Odyssey mopeds).

Re: Solo Fuckery

Had no idea

I'm regretting that I had a chance to pick one up 10 years ago for chump change....

Re: Solo Fuckeryd

Just tested a pug er2 to see fitment. Not sure if the er3 is the same hub or not.

Pretty easy.

Bore first to 12mm, then the bottom section to 15mm (or close)

Sand lightly and Polish and cut quite a bit off end of hub that bumps up against bearing to make it the sealing surface. You’ll need a 35x22mm seal.

Then just bolt it up. I hear Peugeot’s just bolt on the crank with no taper or keyway or nothing so....should be good

Good to know!

Re: Solo Fuckery

Yeah I test fitted that when I pulled the motor off the shaft, er2 and 3 are the same hub. If you bored the hub, used the right seal and made a special crank nut it would work. I have no idea how the pulley alignment would be though.

Re: Solo Fuckery

Yeah you’d just make it work.

Just was wondering how close it was and it is.

Re: Solo Fuckery

Chopped on this Columbia all day, draining the vinegar and hosing out any remaining debris from the tank.

I finished the swing arm welds and cut off needless bits. This hero swingarm is beefy. Like moby but thicker.

I got an aluminum pulley for this too mostly cuz I hate the look of a plastic pulley so I guess I’m taking advice now haha

Just gotta rebuild the wheels then test. And I desperately need a launch lever on this but there’s very little room.

Re: Solo Fuckery

Is the diameter of the aluminum pulley the same? I seem to remember the solo pulley being a little smaller, but I never counted the teeth on the sprocket so it might be the same ratio at the final drive. I had a 45 puch sprocket and a Peugeot pulley on mine and it didn’t seem to lose any low end

Re: Solo Fuckery

Yeah it’s definitely bigger so I’ll be able to run taller gearing.

Re: Solo Fuckery

Almost have this buttoned up. Rebuilt the mags with sealed bearings, Got the frame all done, chains and brakes and an extra tank flush with acetone to get rid of 40 years of varnish

It’s got a nice stance, had to modify the hero center stand to work right. But it doesn’t look too Tomosy so I’m happy. Looks almost cool.

Will hopefully get it all buttoned up tomorrow and can do a real tune and make a launch lever.

It’s amazing how long it takes to get a bike road ready when adding an entire new rear of the bike (Wheel spacing, brake spacing, adding tensioners, just goes on and on)


Re: Solo Fuckery

I bet it’s hell having to drive a mile to pick up whatever parts you need

Re: Solo Fuckery

Fun fact,

They moved to el Cerrito to be closer to my greatness. Lol

On a more serious note though, I was overjoyed when treats came to town. It was unexpected and wonderful.

Daniel '' Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I bet it’s hell having to drive a mile to pick up whatever parts you

> need

Re: Solo Fuckery

Yea, I bet you just show up with some calipers and start talking mad scientist to them. Did you see someone spilled all the bing jets? Man that has to be the worst possible thing, he’s been sorting them for days!!!

Re: Solo Fuckery

I saw it live the other day.

I snuck in and drilled all the freshly sorted jets.

You will all be running 100 jets from now on

Re: Solo Fuckery

Got it up and going, running lean with a 99 jet in a 16 mikuni so I made the coolest airbox out of a stainless water bottle. Gotta bend the pedal arm out but fuck it. Quite a bit more quiet even with the metal airbox. I used a sump pump flex hose attached to a washing machine drain hose to the carb. I like the sump hose because it’s pretty rigid and you can easily clamp things over it without reinforcing the inner part with steel tube (like you have to do with radiator hose)

The mount from the bottle to the sump hose is the rubber base from an air filter with a molded recess that I fit into the bottle for a mostly secure fit. Washed and scrubbed the parts a ton and it fits awesome.

Bike runs good down low but I kept lean bogging above 1/2 throttle so the airbox should fix that with testing tomorrow. This bike is thirsty!!!!


Re: Solo Fuckery

Bike looks pretty rad

Re: Solo Fuckery

New suspension rear end is nice, chains track well, put in a moby pulley because I needed to pull the engine back a bit and the solo pulley is tiny. Of course I didn’t plan for the larger pulley on the build so I had to trim a lil bit for clearance Clarence. I’ll get a new aluminum pulley soon for it tho, I put the one I bought onto the moby so I guess I’m a tunR boi now


Re: Solo Fuckery

Threaded adjustable weights.


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