Novelty Stunt Cycle

I decided to ruin my Lazer some more.

Chopped off the downtube.


Had to cut down the head tube to fit the 1951 "Famous James" Comet girder fork.


Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Downtube had to be replaced so I could fit a 70cc Minarelli P4.


Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Had an extra swingarm so I made it longer.


Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Emil Kniemel /

this has gotten really interesting. noice.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

That's it for today. Waiting on a flywheel from eBay so I can get the motor done.

The stock indian mx bikes did 60mph with this motor. I'm hoping to get about 80.

It's gonna get gussetted like crazy, and some other secret plans to make this a total abomination.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Please disk brakes and a fork stabilizer.

Have you seen what the euro maxi racers are doing with their swing arms to make it a mono shock?

Your builds are sooooo effing fun! Thank you for always sharing your work.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

It doesn't need a fork stabilizer. It's forged, lugged, and heavy duty. Came off a 70 year old motorcycle, not a crap moped. Weighs a ton.

And I'm sticking with the drums. siped shoes, sealed bearings, and stop excellent.

This isn't gonna be a race bike, but it's gonna be really fast, but mostly I just want to keep up with traffic, and be comfortable enough to just cruise around.

It's also not gonna look anything like a hacked up, crummy old moped when I'm done with it.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Here's a good pic of the fork when it was on the Comet.


Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Do you need a parts engine? I have one of these Indian P6 engines. It runs, shifts through all the gears, but i think the left side case half needs to be replaced as the casting around the oil seal for the shift lever shaft got blown apart at some point in it's life when a chain broke. Cylinder is in good shape, and i have the SHB 19 carb too.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Thanks, but I still have that full on racer P6 I posted a while back. Just waiting for the right project bike to come along.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

I am talking of those front end stabilizing arms that minimize speed wobbles. It is a little arm that attaches from your forks to your frame to help keep things straight. But those forks look super beefy in that before pic you put up.

I just know these bikes get wiggy at higher speeds and if you are doing 70+..... I just want to keep seeing your builds is all.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

It should be pretty stable, it's got a good rake to it and with the stretched rear and low center if gravity it should track pretty good. But I'll keep that in mind once it's rolling.

My goal isn't top speed, as you'll see as this goes along. Not building it to race, so it'll be nice with the four speed to ride at 50mph+ without revving up to 10,000 Rpm.

I'd like to put a regular motorcycle pipe on it to keep the noise down, instead of a screaming can of bees expansion chamber.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Emil Kniemel /

Any plans for them faux-cradle down tubes or just rock the floating engine look?

That fork is seriously the best.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Makes sense sir. I was just going off your speed ideas from the OP. I also completely understand that a touch of fear is what makes half the fun!

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Yeah. right now the engine is just sitting in one bolt hole of the original stamped steel mount for a mock up. That mount also holds the swingarm and the center stand.

I need to reinforce that, because it's crap.

After the engine is sitting where I want it, I'll weld in a cradle, or maybe just one slightly offset bar so it's easier to clear the exhaust, which is like a 30mm port.

I figure with the P4 having 8hp stock, and the pressure of shifting all the time, it definitely needs to get beefed up.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Cool fork. You could probably replace the spring with a single shock from a motorcycle or mountain bike. Maybe ball bearings on the pivots for less stiction?

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Modernizing a 70 year old fork with a mountain bike shock would be blasphemy.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

> baird co Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Modernizing a 70 year old fork with a mountain bike shock would be

> blasphemy.

Exactly that^ .

It's actually getting pretty close by using that fork on a one off frame , but , at least , that much is not parted .

It would be much better to design and build a new fork using the aforementioned items , IF they were 'needed' . (edited)

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

If I could find all the rest of the parts to restore a 1951 Famous James Comet, without it costing more than it's worth, I would.

But I'm not ruining the fork, so if I ever do stumble upon one, I'm good.

Plus, it works better on my bike than it does as a weed collecting spider farm, where it spent the last forty years or so of its life.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

sweet forks. I had some cool old earles sachs/penton leading links on my sachs and I really liked it even just for the novelty of it. but it got stolen.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Please , don't take me wrong .

I think you're doing good by them .

Like you say , better used than 'abused' . ;)

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

I got your jist. No worries.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle


All the stuff you build is art.

Re: Novelty Stunt Cycle

Great work

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