MLM Batavus M48 Morini kit

Anyone know if the Morini cylinders are modified, or is just a regular m1 kit with a spacer?

Curious if you made a spacer for a 42mm M1 kit whether or not it you would be able to slide it in without boring the case.

Re: MLM Batavus M48 Morini kit

Jeremy Homser /

I do know they slotted the stud holes

Re: MLM Batavus M48 Morini kit

1. You need to slot the stud holes. I drilled mine out to 3/8ths on a drill press cause slotting takes longer, you have to make sure you're centered or else you could hit the ports.

2. You need to bore the cases, M48 cases are tiny.

3. I need to pull the kit off of my ripper bat soon and I was going to take measurements of the spacer and get an order in for more at a waterjetting place. My Batavus city hits 50+ with an Airsal M1 kit, MLM pipe, VM18/MLM intake and reedblock. Clutches suck though so that's my next endeavor in terms of Batavus (edited)

Re: MLM Batavus M48 Morini kit

If you make more spacers let me know. Not sure what route I will go, I have a bit of time to decide. I don't need much speed, mostly torque.

Re: MLM Batavus M48 Morini kit

I am curious if a 41-42mm m1 kit may slide in without modifying the cases. I haven't looked at an m48, but they fit the old style m1 cases while the 43.5mm kits require boring the cases.

Dos has the 42mm eurocilindro, and I am almost certain I had a 41mm kit at one point.

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