Sealing the tomos gearbox question!?!?

Anyone familiar with tomos a35 or a55 have a freaking clue which center case gasket is precisely the fix size???? 0.2 mm 0.41 mm? Or ....?

Re: Sealing the tomos gearbox question!?!?

The correct one is the one that is similar thickness to what you have on the engine right now. If you get too thick or too thin you may need to re-shim

Re: Sealing the tomos gearbox question!?!?

You was right jay. My clutch cobacver wouldn't go back on. And made noise and binded up my pedal shaft. But didn't make a crying thread about it I used my head. I removed 1 of the 2 washers that sit on the shaft behind the cover seal and it's better than ever rolling smoothly and cover popped back on nice. I'm running the 0.2 mm center case gaskets 3 of em because I was broke and they're a $1.99 each.

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