Re: Holding 1st gear longer on an A35

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Slip = higher rpm.

Stick = lower rpm

Is I brain no worky right then...

It's not like the most complex concept. Peanut oil and sulfur.

Yoo gets that ratio right it will smell to like the devil upcoming from Georgia y'all...

And busted a nut in New Orleans.

Re: Holding 1st gear longer on an A35

no shite!! I don't and would not want my tomos to hold 1st gear longer. I took some advice from ma three years ago. I'm running original b&m trick shift in my tomos. and I like when it goes directly into 2nd and starts pulling for all its got. it barely gets to 15mph and it's in 2nd pulling. and 1st gear is 99.99% ran out anyhow. 27=22 tooth gearing on the airsal a35 don't need anything more. unless I decided someday to get a street bike.

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