Stock Tomos A3 exhaust question

So I just acquired a mint stock 1991 Tomos Golden Bullet step through with an A3 motor. My question is this: how much MPH increase will installing an estoril sidebleed pipe from treats net me with proper upjetting? The carb is the stock dellorto SHA 14.12 (12mm). Top speed is currently 30mph with stock pipe (edited)

Re: Stock Tomos A3 exhaust question

They have a baffle you can pull out that will help them a bit and doesn't make them too loud.

The A3 pipes with the big header are probably the best performing stock exhaust, I've gone over 40 on them.

If you remove the head gasket and port the stock cylinder you can have a really nice quick bike. I've built a couple a3s that were really nice around town bikes, you can put an a35 cylinder on using the stock piston and really fly.

Re: Stock Tomos A3 exhaust question

Okay so I can remove the head gasket and do some mild porting/polish on the exhaust port. I want to keep the baffle in the stock pipe tho due to my neighbors being sticklers. Plus I like the soft purr of a quiet ped. Can I still obtain a legit 40mph while leaving the baffle in if I do the other two mods you suggested listed above? (Removing head gasket & porting/polishing the exhaust port) (edited)

Re: Stock Tomos A3 exhaust question

Pull the baffle out and take a look at it, it's a pretty small tube. It doesn't get crazy louder. I dunno I've never really tried to tune one without it. You gotta gear up a lot too.

Re: Stock Tomos A3 exhaust question

I pulled the baffle out today and wow was it carboned up. Going to spray it down with carb cleaner and wipe it dry taking special care to poke through all the small holes and outlet tube before reinstalling. All the lights and turn signals function except the brake light bulb which I'm replacing tomorrow with a new 12 volt 10 watt bulb from Autozone. But yeah the silencer was all carboned up pretty good

Re: Stock Tomos A3 exhaust question

Update: After cleaning and re-installing the baffle the bike goes 35 on flat roads and pegs 40 downhill with decent acceleration for a completely stock bike

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