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> Overpriced Parts Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> All I did on my A35 revival was to add a bullet pipe, black and cap

> screen filter, 61 jet, 24 tooth rear sprocket and I got 44 mph with good

> takeoff and that’s with a heavy bike and my 200 pounds sitting on it,


> Let me know if you do all this work you’re talking about and you get

> close to that mph because it only took me a few hours and Less then 100$

> bucks to accomplish a fast good tuned bike and it had 8700 Original

> miles on it before I tuned it then I put another 2000 miles on it before

> I sold it.


> I probably should’ve kept it but A unbeliever took it for a spin and

> gave me $100 more than I was asking for it,

I could go the easy route and just slap some bolt ons on it, but I wanna play with transfer timing and the a35 cylinder has always interested me the most of stock cylinders for porting. It’s got big potential. Steel takes longer to cut than aluminum but I just matched and raised the exhaust on a puch hi torque cylinder it wasn’t all that bad. It’s only gonna cost me a base spacer and the sha clone on top of everything else the bike already needed. I work at a machine shop so decking is free. Should be into the whole thing less than 400 including the stuff I already had on hand. He’s also talking about a kit and jammer, so I may get this cylinder and first clutch back if he thinks a kit will be faster.

This bike was loved a bit too hard, so it needs a bit to save it. Both clutches show signs of being shredded and relined, 1st gear was cooked and the cork peeled off of 2nd like a sticker lol. Sprag clip was no where to be found, right side pedal and crank arm were missing, left side was “converted” to kick start, complete top end was in a box amongst others, several clutch cover bolts missing, reeds were iffy at best, crusty stock exhaust etc. if it shreds a crank and it’s my fault, I got a clean a55 crank and case I’ll throw him to put his trans guts in.

I think I’m just a glutton for punishment, the first moped engine I rebuilt was a Za50. Still have yet to crack an e50. Replaced every bearing and the pucks in the case and put a stuffed crank in it paired to the treats reed kit, countersunk head, vm20, 4 petal and treats pipe. Stock clutches flipped second. Matched throughout with a big ole window cut in a single ring piston widened and raised exhaust for 160° duration. 20/35 gearing on that hitting 55 with me at 200lbs, can probably push it further than that and will. So I’m gonna gear up again to 21/35 or 22/35 whatever it’ll handle, to keep the revs down and shit from exploding in the trans case.

If nothing else comes up tomorrow I’ll be getting the clutches done and some intake and exhaust work atleast. Probably gonna slap it together and try it out before the spacer. The spacer is essentially just to move the power up and get as much as I can out of this dinky boss. If he wants to throw a better hi rpm pipe on it that’s when the change in port timing will really shine.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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