A55 Airsal Porting

Anyone have any suggestions or examples of port work on a a55 airsal cylinder. (edited)

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Use the stock cylinder! And do rad shit!


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Reminds me of the small nitro rc engine boost and transfer ports

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I added reeds if the hole in the piston didn't give it away. So don't go chopping up yer PP.

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Pics of the reed setup?

To the OG person, the a55 airsal is pretty good by itself I just matched the transfers to case on mine.

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> Buttcheeks BUZZARD Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Pics of the reed setup?


> To the OG person, the a55 airsal is pretty good by itself I just matched

> the transfers to case on mine.

It's on an E50 but here she be:


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I was like....did they add reeds....ah yes they did. Look interesting. Curious how it performs compared to a typical ported a55 cylinder.

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Wow that's fuckin cool!

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Yeah thats a pretty awesome fun looking setup! I appreciate all the work it took. I’m assuming that’s a 3 bearing case as well? (Huge transfer area)

How’s it preform? Worth it over just buying a 70?

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So slapping it on just stock PP A55 I think I was hitting 35mph or so (16x45) gearing.

I added reeds, porting, etc and am up at 45-47 mph (same gearing)

My goal/intent is to hit 50/50 on a 'stock' cylinder. I kinda want to push it more and do a 50/50 on this gearing setup as well, so going up to ~11K instead of gearing to get to 50mph. I'll probably blow something up but it's a fun side project/daily rider ATM. I'll make a real thread this spring when I finish with some more results.

Moar details of current setup:

44mm crank (that's right 49.901cc!!!)

Intake - 360

Transfer - 115

Ex - 163

BD - 24

Honestly the build was pretty easy and I learned a lot about porting and the A55 cylinder I got for like 30 bucks?

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Nice work on that a55 cyl!

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how that is awesome, did you make that reed adapter as well?

I was actually just talking to some Zeros about how I am always underwhelmed by the a55 Airsal, I prefer to port or just match the transfers on an a35 Airsal to a55 cases, that cylinder gives me some serious ideas

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Yeah had I known what I know now I probably would have used a A35 kit with reeds and I agree with the airsal having decent ports. I was looking at it and couldn't really see anything that needed work other than the transfers. I'm trying to get some more rpm out of it so I'm going to raise the exhaust port some and see what happens.

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To clarify this is for the STOCK A55 CYLINDER. I've never ran or plan to run thr airsal one.

but here ya go:


I had to dremel some fins to make it work but it wasn't a big deal.

Let's see them builds!! (edited)

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Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

A few years ago I built an "E55", an e50 with the a55 top end, a 44mm stroker crank, a people's pipe, and a 14mm phva. Theres plenty of meat on standard e50 cases for the transfers. The thing ripped! Topped out at 45mph woth 16x45 gearing, im sure it would have done 50 with the right pipe/carb. Takeoff was great for a 50cc, I'd say on par with a mild 70 kit setup. Funny enough, it kept up with a 44mm airsal kitted tomos my friend was riding, so that should say something about it's performance. I sold the bike a little while ago.


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I don't get why everyone hates the current airsal kits, yes iv seen and read horror stories of the older stuff but from what I've seen other than the imbalance the newer production kits are not bad at all. I also respect going for as much power as possible with the stock cylinders. I'm getting 49 out of my airsal a55 with a cali pipe, 19mm carb and intake and 27/24 gearing and I weigh 240lbs. 9460 rpms was the high rpm recall on the tach. That's 100% with me trying to be as aerodynamic as possible 😂. I just picked up an arrow with non electric start a55. I just bought it for parts as it's in pretty bad shape cosmetically but plan on boring the case for a Gila topend. Should be a fun project.

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I started messing around with the airsal cylinder today and realized why not to many people mess with them. Even with the right tooling it's a pain in the ass to get Into the ports. I made a port map beforehand and will make it more presentable and post it up here. I widened and raised the exhaust a little. Worked on the transfers a bit more to better match the case and I just cleaned up the intake. I decided to play it safe first go around and made the most changes on the piston that way if performance went the wrong direction I could just replace the piston. I took around 1.5mm off the crown on exhaust side and on the skirt of intake side I just cleaned up the edges and shaped it to better match the intake port. If anyone wants to know the airsal piston is slightly over 25 grams heavier than the stock piston. I weighed them with wrist pin, circlips, and rings. That's a pretty big difference thus why the airsal kit vibrates so bad. That in combination with crappy clutch drums. I'll get it back together and report back how bad I messed shit up LOL 😂

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Put the engine back together this afternoon before I left the shop. Fired right up and I could immediately tell a difference from the the trans gears I changed and clutch drum I changed. 100 times less vibration and no more gear noise in 1st. The little I rode it I could tell it lost some low end but started pulling hard up top but just as it started pulling hard I was having to start slowing down. I'll take it down the road tomorrow weather permitting.

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josh meyer, can you explain the clutch drum and gears to me? are these coming from an a35? is it a straight swap? etc.... here in RVA ive never heard anyone mention anything about it.

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