Piaggio Ciao Tuning and fixing

Hi guys!

I'm planning to tune up my old good Ciao for my little brother. (And for myself)

My idea is to change: Cylinder, clutch, carburetor, exhaust and air filter.

I would like to get best acceleration so if someone could give me some tips exactly what parts to choose or is there something else what I should change? :)

I link here the parts, that I have been looking for..





Carburetor, there are 2 models, not sure what is the difference:



Exhaust, there is 3 models, not sure how to choose:




Air filter:


Thanks in advance! :)

Re: Piaggio Ciao Tuning and fixing

Cylinder: you've picked a 10mm pin. You're in Europe? Should be good.

Clutch: That's not a clutch. It is a CVT pulley. You need to check to see if your ciao is single speed (many are) or has the variable pulley system.

Carburetor : those are similar, but one has a 12mm venturi and one has a 10mm venturi. You want 12 for sure.

Exhaust: the first one will be disappointing, I think. The second two look pretty good.

Air Filter: it's fine. I usually chop the stock one and stuff some filter foam in it.

Don't forget, you will need to re-jet your carb to find the right mix. Also, you might consider upgrading your crankshaft. That will require a full rebuild, but worth it in the long run.

Re: Piaggio Ciao Tuning and fixing

so jealous of the half pricing in europe so affordable, this sucks.

Re: Piaggio Ciao Tuning and fixing


Thank you for your suggestions :)


We have same system for "Clutch", can you tell me if its even possible install this:


Re: Piaggio Ciao Tuning and fixing

One more idea.. all the carburators looks to be the same as original, only difference looks to be jet.

Maybe its wise to buy jet set? But I cannot find any suitable.. any suggestions?

Re: Piaggio Ciao Tuning and fixing

I recommend either cutting the stock crank or using a Muzzachelli crank for broader intake timing. https://www.treatland.tv/mazzucchelli-vespa-10-pin-anticpato-race-crank-p/mazz-vespa-crankshaft-amt004.htm

Check out Carsten's video here:

There are many threads on this topic here too, this one looks promising: https://mopedarmy.com/forums/read.php?7,3961583,page=1

Re: Piaggio Ciao Tuning and fixing

Well, no. The video shows a single speed system, which is typical of Ciao. If you have the same as the video, then no, what you linked will not work for you.

As far as jets, the carburetors are marked on the clamp where they attach to the engine and if you look carefully, the venturi sizes are different. You'll have to remove the airbox to see that.

You must change jets if you upgrade your engine. What is the right size? That is hard to say. There are so many possible combinations. Your bike probably has a jet in the 40s but I would guess that most upgrades will require upper 60s to low 80s, depending on what you do. There is a tuning sheet on the wiki somewhere.

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