1983 Gilera

1983 Gilera
It's a Gilera Citta(or in Italy Gilera Eco/EC1)

I've made a lot of modifications, it has now a kickstarter, variomatic, PoliniSpeedEngine, Polini 42mm alloy cylinder, Dell 'Orto 13/13 carburettor, modified the crankshaft(in order to get more fuel, works only on a Vespa), a Polini variopoulie(do you call it that way?) a Honda Camino V-belt, LeoVinci Handmade exhaust with a muffler of an Aprilia AF1, an Eurocilindro liquid-cooled cylinderhead, etc....
Runs about 70/80 km/h, and makes auto-wheelies!
I also modified the headlight in my own style, it's now a double halogen headlight.

It has a "dashboard" of a Puch Maxi with a speedmeter till 120km/h, and further.....Take a look!
If you like it, take a look on my website, WWW.VESPAFREAK.NL!
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