Sachs Suburban

Sachs Suburban
1980 Sachs Suburban
- 505/1D Motor
- Dellorto 15.15 SHA Carburetor
- Giannelli Performance Exhaust
- Custom Long Seat
- Passenger Pegs
- 17" X 2.75" Michelin M62 Gazelle Tires

This Sachs has the 505/1D motor. The Sachs 505 A-C motors only have 1.5-1.8 HP, but the big "D" comes with 2.7 HP. The Dellorto 15mm helps a little, but I am thinking that it might be happier with something around 16mm to 19mm.

It seems just about everyone can't figure out how to keep the Giannelli pipe on, but I haven't had any problems and all it took was 10 seconds with the Dremel. Just make the 2mm slit on the clamp on part into a 15mm slit, tap it all the way on, and then crank it tight with an allen bolt. Also, I think the black metal flake and plum purple paint job helps.

This bike is really comfortable to ride and feels very stable even with a passenger. I can still hit 30 with a passenger, but if you + your gf > 300 pounds, I would upgrade the rear shocks.
  • Uploaded by Dan Kubica on October 14, 2014
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