Sears Allstate

Sears Allstate
1964 Sears Allstate Pedal Moped
Sears Allstate
Year 1964
Regal Blue & Cream Two Tone Paint
50cc Two Stroke Engine with 2 Speed Manual Transmission with Neutral Position
Electric Horn, Front high & Low beam lights, Rear & License Plate Light's, Brake Light too!
Very Quiet Original Muffler
Rear View Mirror, handle bar mounted
Front & Rear Wheel Brakes
Actual Original Mileage; 2590
Made in Austria by Steyer Daimler Puch for Sears Roebuck and Co. USA Simpsons Sears Limited Canada
Frame Serial #6016596
Model #810.94040

Has NEW (LESS than 5 miles on the road) Front & Rear high quality motorcycle tires by DEESTONE
Has new wheel bearings installed
This Bike attracts attention wherever you go. It has a truly professional and well built impressive appearance!
Starts every time perfectly, runs great, shifts smoothly, beautiful condition, gets about 120 MPG!
Street Legal and currently Licensed with Ohio Plates Registered with Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale.

SELLING FOR $1125.00 Cash Sale Only, Local Pick Up in Cincinnati Only, no packing or shipping!
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