1966 Suzuki

1966 Suzuki
This is 1966 Suzuki Dame M30 with 50cc. It is well known by the lovely name as “Suzy.” We bought it through a gentleman (Mr. Duc) via one of the vintage motorcycle forums, and later on we become good friends as our mutual interest in the old bikes.

We had this bike completely overhauled to its original form at our best, however we believe there still are plenty of rooms for improvement, so please feel free to email us at paul_hoang@yahoo.com. We truly appreciated your comments here.

We also have other vintage mopeds/motorcycles posted at photobucket.com/cdlover, you’re most welcome to visit our website.

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  • Uploaded by Paul Hoang on October 12, 2009
  • Original photo: 750x563 / 101KB