Tomos Targa TTLX

Tomos Targa TTLX
originally got this in trade for bicycle work. acquired a bin of parts from the previous owner's brother, which i traded to get the bike running right and roadworthy. the local moped 'guru' neglected to do the last few things he promised in trade, so i had to set about finishing it on my own. i still have a few things left to get it right, but am waiting to finish moving before really tearing it down and rebuilding.

here is a small list of what i have done...
-replaced cranks, still not happy, will continue seeking out stock cranks
-temporarily re-upholstered seat to fix a shotty job
-new cafe bars
-new set of fenders, though this may change as the cafe process progresses
-side-mount kickstand, once properly adjusted, i will ditch the center-stand
-painted fork covers to match fenders, plan to paint gas tank as well

still lots of plans... cafe fairing, seatpan, and front fender and brace; new wiring; new lights, including turn signals; new tires; and of course, get the engine running smooth and strong, as well as ensuring the brakes work well.

i have not ridden it yet, and have never worked on a moped before. i admit that i am a newbie when it comes to this stuff. i used to ride a ruckus, but now i mainly ride and work on bicycles. this is gonna be fun.
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