1988 Vespa Si

1988 Vespa Si
This is one of my Si's. Currently equipped with a 60cc (41,4 mm) Polini H20 (watercooled) cilindre and head.
LeoVinci Handmade exhaust. (long model)
13/13 carb, 0.70 mm jet, recut crankshaft, ported cases.
I had to actually move one transfer port, because Polini moved it about 3 mm's. So had to glue it shut with some epoxy, and reground it again.
Has a Malossi Multivar fitted to it, in combination with a standard rear variator.
Yes, I know, it could use a wash too ;-)...
  • Uploaded by Thijs Apekop on April 15, 2008
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