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  • 1958 NSU Quickly S
  • 1955 NSU Quickly N
  • 1954 NSU Quickly N
  • 1953 NSU Quickly N
  • 1958 NSU Quickly L
  • 1957 NSU

In Germany we invented the Moped - and so did we invent the Name of it.
Some more than 50 years ago a new class of vehicles was born. Construction efforts went back to the times when allied forces allowed Germany post war motorbikes constructions only to have less than 100cc engines. After the war minimum was far enough so the famous Albert Roder from the worlds largest and most successful NSU works went for the construction of a sensational light and affordable bike: The NSU Quickly. Launched in 1953 it became a worlds success: 1,5 Million built / 50% sold to foreign countries. Swiss knife like unbeatable tool to do the everydays job. The formula defined by legislation said that a max weight of 33kgs ( one third of a todays Japsy scooter weight ) , 26"wheels , a handle to carry (!) and a V- max of approx 40km/h were allowed. Soon these new vehicles became popular - without having a "grippy" name for it . In a Newspaper Contest the readers were asked how to name these new "bicycles with motor-aid" and one had the Name for it: The MOPED was born.
Until 1967 NSU built 1,5 Million Mopeds of the legend Quickly. Never ever one with automatic transmission, - choice between 2 or 3 gears.
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