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  • 1978 Vespa Ciao
  • 1978 Sparta Foxi
  • 1963 Puch MS50
  • 1958 Puch MS50
  • 1957 Puch MS50
  • 1956 Puch MS50
  • 1959 Puch
  • 1978 Murray
  • 1996 Kinetic TFR
  • 1978 Honda NC50
  • 1968 Bianchi Aquilotto
I like to ride little bikes around town and have several of them.It is always a learning process trying to get a project bike going,as you dont know who has been working on it and changing things before you got to it. I just got a honda express and a benelli woodsman to play with.Added a 1959 puch moped I havent got to yet and a vespa ciao,that runs great.2 more puch ms50s plus assorted hondas cb100,cb175,ct90,virago,gyro, etc.c70
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