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Glendale, CA

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  • 1985 Trac Eagle I
  • 2005 Tomos ST
  • 2005 Tomos Sprint
  • 1996 Tomos Sprint
  • 1979 Tomos A-3 Bullet
  • 1977 Soni Kinetic Deluxe
  • 1977 Puch Maxi Sport
  • 1980 Puch Magnum
  • 1977 Peugeot 103 Sport U3
  • 1980 Peugeot 102SP
  • Pacer Super Sport
  • 1979 Pacer P-1
  • 1977 Motobecane 50V
  • 1982 Kawasaki
  • 1982 Kawasaki
  • 1986 Honda Spree
  • 1984 Honda Spree
  • 1987 Honda Melody
  • 1982 Honda MB-5
  • 1981 Honda Hobbit
  • 1977 Honda Express NC50
  • 1965 Honda Cub
  • 1977 Foxi GT Sport
  • Dialex E-Z Rider
  • 1978 Cimatti Twin Sport
  • 1977 Cimatti City Bike
  • 1977 Cimatti City Bike
Los Angeles County rider
Crossvalley_Aircooled Mopes Club
Riding across and between the north valleys of Los Angeles.
Santa Clarita Valley
San Fernando Valley
Glendale and Burbank


I. Mopeds are always broken.
II. If you think your moped is not broken, you're wrong. You just don't know how broken it is yet.
III. If you fix your moped, something even more vital will break.
IV. If your moped really, truly isn't broken, it's going to rain.
Corollary: As soon as the rain stops, your moped will break again.
V. If you give up and sell your broken moped, the person who buys it will fix it within five minutes. And it will be a perfect 75 degrees and sunny.

Source: A.P Herbert's profile.

i like mopeds.
like having projects.
if you live near where i am HIT US UP
rare to find any mopeders in the area.

The list of mopeds above are mopeds ive owned in my mopeding life. Still not a complete list. Currently at around 20 bikes :x oops.
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