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Long Beach, CA

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  • 1977 Pacer P-14
  • 1980 Moprix
  • 1982 Honda MB-5
  • 1980 General 5 Star
  • 1978 Garelli Super Sport XL LTD
  • 1977 Foxi GT
  • 1974 Batavus VA
  • 1979 Batavus Regency VA II
  • 1978 Batavus Regency HS
  • 1977 Batavus Mobat
  • 1977 Batavus HS-50
  • 1977 Batavus City
  • 1978 Batavus Bronco
-Moped GP 2015

- Tomahawk Cup 2014

- Get Lost Creature of the Loin Rally 2014

- 2 Stroke Extravaganza 2014

"The Flying Dutchman" Profess my Love for things from the 70's Vans and mopeds mostly, Otherwise it's Music and Art.

I work part time as a mole to find consumers and console them when unsure about the valuable life and enjoyment investment one gets owning a Lazer 5 moped great little bikes,runs strong, starts easy, built like a tank, very solid, hardly any plastic, great bargain,you can order the 72cc large bore already installed and tested for $300.00 extra.

I work at the Airport but I like my wheels on the ground.
Myrons is the method to my madness.
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