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The A35 is an Engine which came on Tomos mopeds

Differences between Kickstart and Pedal Versions

  • Pedal Shaft
    • The pedal shaft on the pedal start version of the A35 engine is longer than that of the kickstart. It accommodates both pedals and the right spring assembly. The kickstart pedal shaft mounts only the kick start lever, and it ends inside the right transmission cover.
  • Claw Collar
    • The claw collar on the kickstart version has claws on only one side, the side that mates with the sprocket inside the transmission. The claw collar on the pedal start version has claws on both sides.
  • Final Drive Gear
    • This is the large gear between the case halves that's directly attached to the large outer left sprocket by way of the hollow drive shaft. This gear, in the pedal start version, has claws for mating with the claw collar. In the kickstart version these claws aren't present.
  • Right Side Transmission Cover
    • On the Pedal version, the right side transmission cover has a hole though which the pedal shaft rotates. The kickstart version is sealed, and the end of the pedal shaft sits in a bearing pressed into the transmission cover.
  • Return Spring
    • The kickstart version has a spring on the left side to the retract the kick lever. This spring is not present on the pedal start version.