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Aprilia was founded shortly after WWII as a bicycle company by Alberto Beggio. His son, Ivano Beggio, took lead of the company in 1968. He began by building 50cc mopeds, like the Colibrì, the Daniela and the Packi. Aprilia first branched out into cross bikes with the Scarabeo model in 1970. The success of the Scarabeo prompted further cross bike models, and the company entered the race track in 1975. In the 1980's, Aprilia expanded their lines to include enduro bikes, trial bikes, and road bikes with engine sizes ranging from 50 to 600 cc. Aprilia continued the traditions of racing, design, and performance into the 1990's, and they also began manufacturing scooters to allow them to compete in the growing urban transportation market. [1]

Aprilia Motorcycles and Mopeds

One of Aprilia's unique characteristics is that they build all types of motorcycles -- racers, street bikes, enduros, and rally bikes -- not only as "real" motorcycles but also as 50cc models. This is possible because of the great motor-sport enthusiasm of many Italian people, especially the youth. The lower displacement models give the youth the opportunity to ride motorbikes which resemble the higher displacement idols of street-racing or rally events.

For example, the RS50 is a replica of the Aprilia RS125 and RS250, which are two of the sportiest two stroke street motorcycles available. The RX50 is, aside from the motor, a full-scale competition enduro bike with an adjustable suspension, 21" and 18"-wheels, disc-brakes and so on. The ET50 Tuareg is in all its dimensions nearly identical to the 125, 350 and 600cc Tuareg. It is equipped with water-cooling, two disc brakes, e-start and kickstart, and a full fairing with double headlights.


Today Aprilia builds motorcycles and scooters from 50 to 1000cc. Tragically, European emission laws stopped the production of two stroke motorcycles with a displacement greater than 125cc,

In the Grand Prix Series of 125cc and 250cc, Aprilia is the most successful manufacturers with 15 world championship titles since 1992. Since entering the world speed championships in 1985, Aprilia has won 37 world titles.

Since the end of 2004, Aprilia has been owned by the Piaggio Group, who also owns Vespa, Puch, Derbi, Laverda, Moto Guzzi and Gilera. The Aprilia brand is managed by Leo Francesco Mercanti.

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