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Arugula is an extremely healthy leafy green vegetable that has many amazing powers. In some gangs it's used as currency, for some it's a battle cry. Most often it's supplied by the ever mysterious Gary. Most people try to call him but always reach the wrong number.

Arugula can also be used to deter undesirables and charlatans (much as garlic deters vampiric activities).

Furthermore, it is often said that every time somebody calls Gary, an arugula plant blossoms in the high desert.

Many groms experience difficulty maintaining the operational status of their mopeds due to running their bikes without an arugula filter, the most common result of which is their carburetors becoming clogged with the leafy green plant. Contrary to popular belief, tying a used pair of women's tights around the air intake is NOT and acceptable alternative to running an arugula filter.