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-[http://www.mopedarmy.com/resources/mod/xchokex/  Christopher M Hoke ] <br>
-[http://www.mopedarmy.com/resources/mod/xchokex/  Christopher M Hoke ] <br>
Honorary Member:
Honorary Member:<br>
-[http://www.mopedarmy.com/resources/mod/telix/  Shane Beers  ]<br>
-[http://www.mopedarmy.com/resources/mod/telix/  Shane Beers  ]<br>

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Black Pipes
Official branch?nope
Rallies"where's the fridge?" TBA

Straight out of Youngstown, Ohio (the 11th most dangerous city in the USA), Black Pipes are the self-proclaimed "toughest gang between Cleveland and Pittsburgh." Known for being "lawless and flawless" they ride pieced together, unregistered mopeds and deliver justice to those who wrong them. Some of their interests include vegetables, kittens and America. Some of their dislikes include the Ohio State Highway Patrol, flat brim hats (except tom, he has several... for reasons unknown) and (re)tardiness.

however... we are also the only gang between cleveland and pittsburgh, and ohio laws are pretty lax for 'peds. but yes, we are beautiful majestic entities - flawless, you might say. always quick to help, even if we arent quite sure what we can do to help. eager assistant young scamps, exchanging mispronounced vague parts & equally vague knowledge which may or may not be helpful or utterly preposterous.

Currently, the 'pipes are swarming with 5 members:
-Derek Winkle
-Tom & Olga Sebulsky
-Christian Hardy
-Abby Patterson
-Christopher M Hoke

Honorary Member:
-Shane Beers

Former members:
-Matt Westhead
-Adam Rogers
-Ryan Pavlak
-Chris Kochera

Admission is open to anyone, but it only granted by the completion of a difficult challenge; one must be blindfolded and dumped deep in the woods of Mill Creek Park with the following items:
1. A maxi with a broken carburetor
2. A quart of premix
3. A gun with one bullet
If the prospect makes it out alive they are granted admission to the gang.
Or bring us cup cakes (if youre extra crafty, we give bonus points!)

Legend says that shortly after founding Black Pipes, Cobra Pipe turned water into 2-stroke just by looking at it. Then he sleeped for aeons before awakening the ancient ghost of... something. and did stuff.

"Be prompt or GET STOMPED!" what? yeah we're kinda serious. but mostly a joke

our city sucks, but have you seen our park?