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Straight out of Youngstown, Ohio (the 11th most dangerous city in the USA), Black Pipes are the self-proclaimed "toughest moped gang between Cleveland and Pittsburgh." Known for being "lawless and flawless" they ride pieced together, unregistered mopeds and deliver justice to those who wrong them. Some of their interests include vegetables, kittens, and America. Some of their dislikes include the Ohio State Highway Patrol, flat brim hats, and SUVs. Currently, the 'pipes are swarming with 6 members. Admission is granted by the completion of a difficult challenge; however, exceptions are made by a.) being a female or b.) crashing hard. Legend says that Cobra Pipe turned water into 2-stroke just by looking at it.

The Black Pipes enjoy witty humor, and go to great lengths to come up with creative slogans:

"Black Pipes never say die!"
"I've got a full tank of gas, 50ccs and a bad attitude. Fuck Yeah!"
"Be prompt, or GET STOMPED!"

Contrary to popular belief, there is no definite article in "Black Pipes" (ie. Black Pipes v.s. The Black Pipes) This bit of pretentiousness stems from the co-founders being English majors.