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Sealed bearings is like astroglide for your moped

  • Sealed bearing conversion for Puch snowflake wheels.

Sealed bearing conversion for Garelli

  • Sealed bearing conversion for Garelli snowflake (mag) wheels.

Frame/Gas Tank

Moped tank rust removal

  • Removing rust from a moped gas tank.

Kits and Top End Stuff

Hobbit Kit Review

  • Review of kits for the Honda Hobbit (PA50)

Port Mapping

  • A technique for mapping ports and porting cylinders.

Pro tips to building a Puch Polini

  • Lots of great tips and advice for people wanting to build a fast and reliable Puch Polini.

Transmissions and Bottom End Stuff

Mini bearing press

  • How to press on crank bearings without having to heat or freeze anything.

General Performance

The Buddy Hobbit

  • Building a fast and reliable Hobbit.
  • Also, a response to this blog entry.

Timing Part 1

  • About ignition timing, and why it's important for making your moped run good

Crankcase Compression: theory and implications

  • About crankcase compression, and how it affects how your moped runs.

Case Matching: moar flow, less mess

  • How to case match without splitting the case.

Electrical Components

Hero Puch CDI on a Derbi

  • Installing a cheap and reliable CDI system on your Derbi


Motobecane L'Amour

  • Some good general Motobecane advice