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* [[Matthew Coles]], Mosquito Fleet
* [[Matthew Coles]], Mosquito Fleet
** Concussion + stitches
* [[Seth Bedwell]], Mosquito Fleet
* [[Seth Bedwell]], Mosquito Fleet

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Blood and Bones Crash Club was established in 2004 by Mosquito Fleet member, Kevin Barrans and Decepticon member, Dan Webber Kastner as an exclusive club for the less fortunate Moped Army members who are seriously injured during a moped wreck.


The following rules apply for membership:

  1. Broken bone(s) and/or major surgery (other types of major injuries may be reviewed on a case by case basis).
  2. Must be taken to the hospital via ambulance (an exception is made for one who refuses ambulance service, but is taken to the hospital by a friend due to inability to drive/ride own vehicle).
  3. Accident must occur while riding moped.
  4. One must not deliberately attempt to join Blood and Bones Crash Club.
  5. One must meet all three above criteria to be accepted as a Blood and Bones Crash Club member.


  • Kevin Barrans, Mosquito Fleet
    • Broken femur
    • Broken collarbone
    • Knee surgery