Blood and Bones Crash Club

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Blood and Bones Crash Club logo

Blood and Bones Crash Club was established in 2004 by Mosquito Fleet member, Kevin Barrans and Decepticon member, Dan Webber Kastner as an exclusive club for the less fortunate Moped Army members who are seriously injured during a moped wreck.


The following rules apply for membership:

  1. Broken bone(s) and/or major surgery (other types of major injuries may be reviewed on a case by case basis).
  2. Must be taken to the hospital via ambulance (an exception is made for one who refuses ambulance service, but is taken to the hospital by a friend due to inability to drive/ride own vehicle).
  3. Accident must occur while riding moped.
  4. One must not deliberately attempt to join Blood and Bones Crash Club.
  5. One must meet all four above criteria to be accepted as a Blood and Bones Crash Club member.

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Re: So who are you? what do you do? lets share. Author: homoped ( harold Date Posted: 10-22-07 19:04 well now my little run on paragraph seems tiny.

Im harold, My legal name is Harold Bernard Smith IV. My mom hated that name so she called me Blake. I have always been really annoying. i push every button around me just to see what it does.

My first passion was martial arts. I started at the age of 4 and didnt quit till i was 17. I traveled all over the US competing in tournaments and eventually got 3rd place in the under 18 black belt ATA full contact sparring nationals. I went to dance class. i took tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop. I also took gymnastics and used to be able to do all kinds of crazy flips. Now i can barely do a cartwheel.

I developed a passion for herbology. grew my own garden, worked at an herb store for 2 years. I devolped a passion for buddhism, was vegetarian for 5 years until i realized i was skinny as shit.

i was a TOTAL whore in highschool. lying, cheating, breaking hearts. Then i got mine broken and was fucked for a whole year. started smoking pot, a LOT of pot. went to college and started smoking even more. did mushrooms, did opium, did exstacy, sold this hot chick 1 gram of weed. she smoked it, passed out in the hall and fucking knarked on me. i got kicked out.

moved to japan and spent 4 months teaching english. that was awesome. came back and went to school again. got a roomate, who started dealing meth. smoked it once to try it. started smoking a lot. i was 118 pounds at one point. i didnt see any of my friends anymore including mcbain. all my friends were online inside everquest. i ran one of the biggest guilds on the most “hardcore server” for a long time. eventually i started hacking the game, caused lots of chaos, eventually got caught and had all my accounts banned.

my parents realized i had a problem and i blammed it on everquest. they had no idea i was smokiing meth. moved back in with them and slept for like 3 weeks straight. only smoked meth once since then and it was a HUGE MISTAKE i will never make again.

Went to scottsdale community college for a while. decided i needed a big change in life. signed up for the army like 3 weeks before the whole afghanistan shit happened. went to fort benning gorgia and got booted from boot camp 8 weeks into training. I got pnemonia, then bronchitis then my childhood asthma came back. the drill sgt made me do pushups all day instead of run. eventually i dislocated my left shoulder cause i was doing so many pushups. they took xrays and saw all the scar tissue from previous injuries and told me to get the fuck out.

Moved back to AZ. started looking to get laid after having been surrounded by guys for 3 months. met Katie and had some wild sex. she was planning on moving to SF for school at the end of the summer so it was awesome. no strings no pressure. eventually 2 weeks before she moved i realized i was in love with her and the AZ sucks. at a party i announced that i was gonna move to SF and Mcbain said HEY I WANT TO GO TO!

so i moved out here, found us a place and mcbain came up. eventually i crashed my car and totalled it. i bought an electric skateboard and broke that like 4 times. got a moped and you know the rest.

oh yeah and please dont publish this. i dont tell many people that the “stretch marks” on my back are actually meth burns.


  • Dan Webber Kastner, Decepticons
    • Concussion
    • Facial Lacerations (needing plastic surgery)
    • Hand Lacerations

2nd Crash

    • 2 Broken Arms
  • Justin Vaughan, Hell's Satans
    • Broken jaw
    • Broken nose
    • Broken tooth
    • 28 stitches in the face
  • Kevin Barrans, Mosquito Fleet
    • Broken femur
    • Broken collarbone
    • Knee surgery
  • Craig Doty, Peddy Cash
    • Compund fracture of left tibia
    • Broken Ankle
    • Three shattered teeth
    • Fractured cheek bone
  • Sara Cabrey, Landsquids
    • Broken femur
    • Broke ankle
    • Compound fracture of the tibia
    • 33 centimeter tear around calf
    • Lost 40% of calf muscle
    • Bar in femur & tibia
    • Pins in hip, knee, & ankle
    • Severed 2 arteries
  • Glenn Babbitt,Unafilliated
    • Multiple Jawbone fractures
    • Broken cheekbone
  • Derek Lahman, Buffalo Boys
    • Broken Clavicle (left)
    • Dislocated Shoulder (right)
    • Broken Foot
  • crazyjay durbin, Bourbon Bandits
    • open compound fracture of the left radius and ulna (plates on both bones)
    • hairline fracture on left clavicle
    • 3rd degree muffler burns on left ankle
  • Sylvia "Intern" Pines, Creatures of the Loin
    • Broken Knee Cap
    • Broken Jaw in three places
    • Three shattered teeth
    • Sprained Wrist
  • Mike "Beezy" Biery,Unafilliated - The Cold Trailers
    • Collapsed lung
    • Ambulance to Helicopter ride
    • Weezing Lung Puncture Wound With Stitches On Back
    • Blood Clot Removal Surgery
    • Killer Road Rash