Canadian Mobylette Wiring

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Owners of mobylette's imported to Canada may be confused by the wiring schematics found on the internet. This is because most of the scanned manuals that are available feature the U.S. version of the moby wiring diagram which is different than the Canadian one.

I was unable to find a Canadian version anywhere so I made my own diagram based on my Moby's. I sent this to Rebel Mob a few years ago and he confirmed that it is correct.


[Edit: Kiel The Canuck - after testing and comparing to other sources, I have added extra detail to describe switch operation. Credits to source data in image.]

Canadian moby 40v wiring diagram (updated).jpg

Below is a schematic showing the two operating modes of the lighting circuit, with the headlights on and off.

Canadian Motobecane Lighting circuit.png