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Boston Moped Riders

It's still in it's infancy, but the Boston moped scene is ready to explode. This website is maintained by the Khz Moped Army branch.

Helkama Ax

A Finnish motorbike club, with a giant enthusiasm for the Helkama Ax.

Moped Racing Association

This Yahoo! Group organizes the Moped Racing Association, who host various official moped races.

National Autocycle & Cyclemotor Club

Community information and a great archive of articles. This is a UK based club. This is also the home of Buzzin' magazine, a seemingly monthly newsletter on mopeds.

The Royal Canadian Moped Posse

Also known as the RCMP, Toronto's toughest (only) moped gang. The coolest thing on 2 wheels.

The Skeeks

Some crazy site that references the moped army. Presumably a Honda Spree gang in Florida.