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<nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here</nowiki>===U.S. Clubs===

Austin Mopeds

The official website for the moped scene in Austin, TX.

Boston Moped Riders

The Boston moped scene is exploding. This website is maintained by the Khz Moped Army branch.

The Bropeds

History and info for the Bloomington, IN moped gang.

Buzz Killers

Forums, photos, news, and all kinds of other good info about this moped club in Jacksonville, FL.

Eugene Mopeds

The official website for the Committee of Public Safety, based out of Eugene, OR.

The Greater New York Citroen and Velosolex Club

Hosting the only major Velosolex event in the US, held each year in NYC on the Sunday closest to Bastille Day (July 14th)


Information, forums, and a blog for St. Louis' own moped gang, It Ran Earlier.

Las Tortugas

Moped club in Tucson, AZ. Active online community open to moped enthusiasts everywhere.

Moped Racing Association

This Yahoo! Group organizes the Moped Racing Association, who host various official moped races.

National Autocycle & Cyclemotor Club

Community information and a great archive of articles. This is a UK based club. This is also the home of Buzzin' magazine, a seemingly monthly newsletter on mopeds.

The Skeeks

Some crazy site that references the moped army. Presumably a Honda Spree gang in Florida.

The Stampede

The MySpace page for the moped club in Westport, MA.

International Clubs

Helkama Ax

A Finnish motorbike club, with a giant enthusiasm for the Helkama Ax.


Teufelskerle 50 cc is a Rockabilly moped gang from Denmark, roaming the streets of Copenhagen and Aarhus on a nice collection of late 60’s to mid 70’s iron -- including some tasty Puch’s, Honda’s, Kreidler’s, Simpsons, Hercules and Jawa. All members are dedicated moped-thugs and tackle the daily spannering job on our tuned for speed mopeds with great passion. (See this thread for more info.

The Royal Canadian Moped Posse

Also known as the RCMP, Toronto's toughest (only) moped gang. The coolest thing on 2 wheels.


The DiBlasi Owners Club International is a new forum & club for those who have "More Bravery than Brains" and love their DiBlasi folding motorscooters. Also, the Flexi (a Chinese 4-stroke clone of the R7E) finally has a place for owners/riders to share info, tweaks and pictures. It's a new club, so bear with them while they get their stuff going!