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|official = No
|official = No
|members = 10
|members = 10
|website = [http://www.mopedstl.com/forums See CT forum]
|website = [http://www.mopedstl.com/forum See CT forum]
|rallies = Raiders of the Lost Spark (2010)
|rallies = Raiders of the Lost Spark (2010)

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The Cold Trailers
Lawrence, KS
Official branch?No
RalliesRaiders of the Lost Spark (2010)
WebsiteSee CT forum

The Cold Trailers are the most raucous, lewd, sex-appealing set of tickle monsters ever to surf the mid-coast. They hosted their first rally, Raiders of the Lost Spark in June, 2010. Members have attended rallies in

  • Kansas City, MO (June 2009, June 2010)
  • Chicago, IL (July 2009)
  • Columbia, MO (September 2009)
  • Austin, TX (October 2009)
  • Denver, CO (January 2010)
  • Louisville, KY (April 2010)
  • St. Louis, MO (May 2010)


Organized moped rides in Lawrence began in May of 2009, when Mike B organized the first ride of the "Lawrence Municipal Moped Club." These rides were open to scooters, mopeds, and pretty much anyone with a two-wheeled motorized vehicle who had the balls to be seen riding with a bunch of scooters and mopeds. After attending moped rallies in KC and Chicago and seeing how badass mopeds are, the group began focusing on mopeds over scooters (although some members still have/own/ride scooters or small displacement motorcycles). The group continues to grow as moped riders in Lawrence (and elsewhere) are converted to Cold Trailerdom. GYDS/GYPL!!

Watsa "cold trailer"?

The name "Cold Trailers" was coined during Justin's birthday celebration in Kansas City in June, 2009. A homeless diabetic man approached the partiers as they were eating dinner at a Chinese buffet, asking "Is them y'alls little bikes outside?" This turned into the typical "explain mopeds to people" conversation. When informed of the 30mph "official" moped speed, the man connected this to trailing or following someone, and proclaimed something along the lines of "Y'all could be COLD TRAILIN'" (meaning to trail or follow someone from a distance ... distance because mopeds are slow and can't keep up). The man also sang Happy Birthday for the group, along with several other songs. Some of the interaction can be seen here. (No sound, sorry. Use your imagination.)


  • CT's are best buds with Kansas City's Breakfast Mafia, Columbia's Mid-Mo Peds, and St. Louis' IRE. Forum space for all of these gangs can be found at Mopedstl.com
  • The Cold Trailers made local and statewide news right before their rally. The video and story were originally for the Lawrence Journal-World but were re-printed/re-aired in news in Wichita, Newton, and Topeka.