Crankshaft ignition taper

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Crankshaft Tapers

Measuring the taper on your crankshaft

This guide shows different methods to measure the taper of a shaft.

Thanks orangerobin for the reference.

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Tapers of common components

According to Naz, "Most of the ones I’ve done all seem to be 5 degree, except the silly french of course, which is fairly shallow taper and I can’t remember either 3 or 4 degree’s."

Taper Small End Dia (mm) Large End Dia (mm) Taper Length (mm) Resulting Angle (Degrees) Taper (Degrees)
Motobecane Ignition 12.70 14.95 23.75 2.7 5.4
Peugeot Doppler Non Enduro (Fits Ducati CDI). 13.04 15.90 27.50 3.0 6.0
Peugeot Doppler Enduro 441283 12/2009 "Problem Crank" 11.46 15.91 23.41 5.5 11
Pug MVT Premium Internal Rotor 13.40 16.00 31.87 2.34 4.7