Differences Between 50 L and V

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Contrary to popular opinion, you can't just bolt a variator onto a 50L to turn it into an optimally running 50V.

A few of the differences between the 50L and 50V models are (for those interested in converting):

  • Rear (wheel) sprocket tooth count (L=44 V=54)
  • Front (pulley) Sprocket tooth count (L=13 V=11)
  • Chain length (approx. L=92 V=104)
  • Belt tension spring (V spring is much stiffer)
  • Spring retaining clip (V has a longer hook)

Add to that list, the lever on the driven pulley, it’s a different shape and the gear engagement gap is much deeper on the 50V version.

There are probably more differences, but these are all I've noticed so far. . .

  • (This is based on comparison of a 1977 50L to a 1978 50V)