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This is an article just for Garelli performance. There seems to be a wealth of info on the forum, but it is all spread out and hard to find.


Polini 70cc Kit

This is a new cylinder and piston kit that allows the displacement to be bumped up to 70cc's. This will make a considerable performance gain, probably the most you can get out of your moped.

Here are some links to available kits:

  1. 1977 Mopeds - [1]
  2. Moped Cafe - [2]
  3. Federico Berkelaar - -- He is out of Argentina and is very good guy to do business with. He is also very quick on shipping.

Note: Also when deciding on a kit that has directional features such as the Technigas kit use the one for a Puch -- it is on the right side for a Garelli.

Carbs and Intakes

20mm Intake

Larger intakes are needed when upgrading things like the Polini 70cc kit. The intake works best when coupled with tha kit and the carb listed below.

  1. 1977 Mopeds - [3]

Larger Carbs

Larger carbs are needed to provide the air required by adding performance parts. Works great when coupled with the 20mm intake above.

  1. 1977 Mopeds - Dellorto PHBG available in 17mm - 21mm [4]


You can fit almost any exhaust on a Garelli you want if you can weld or know someone that can.

Here are the available exhausts you can use:

  1. Bi-turbo - [5]
  2. Bullet - [6] [7]
  3. Tecno Circuit ( looks like it will fit with a little modifying - [8]
  4. Tecno Estoril - [9]


This is a simplified guide to installing the CDI that the famed Mopagen sell:

Clicky here ---> - [10]