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Image:gr_4_shirt.jpg|Ghost Ride 4 Shirt
Image:gr_4_shirt.jpg|Ghost Ride 4 Shirt
image:GR4_pin.jpg| Ghost Ride 4 Pin

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The Ghost Ride is the Ghost Riders annual moped rally. The first Ghost Ride was held August 12-13 2006

Ghot Ride

August 2006

Ghot Ride 2

August 2007

Ghot Ride 3: Get Stuffed

August 2008

Ghot Ride 4: Your Enjoyment

August 2009

Ghost Ride 5: Get Loose

August 2010

Ghost Ride 6 / BBQ16 AKA Ghosticon

August 2011, shared rally between the Ghost Riders and Decepticons.

Ghost Ride 7: Nocturnal Emissions

August 2012