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This page was created to provide some background information on people with whom you may be interested in conducting business. You may contribute to it by posting your buying experience with a particular person.

If you wish to add a new person to this list, you will see a template of sorts in the wiki code. Make a copy of it and fill in the relevant information. If the name has been posted once, simply add a comment to their existing entry.

Granted that everyone can edit and delete names and such. It is recommended that you check the revisions for such deletions. If you attempt to remove yourself from this page, the information will be reverted and a note will be added informing others that you have attempted a censoring. If you feel there is an unjust claim made here, contact the person who made the claim and ask them to remove it. If that fails, make your edit but leave a detailed comment in the 'summary' field before submitting.

Bad Sellers

Chris Gatton

  • Comments:
    • Ripped me off $40 for E50 cases ported for polini. NEVER send any paypal payment as "gift" you will not be able to file a claim with paypal. - Dl125

Chris Rhodes

  • AKA: Bukwheat
  • Email:
  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Comments:
    • Initiated a trade with me for a headlight housing for a mirror. I sent my package (a bar end mirror), he never sent his and reneged on the deal after he had my package in his possession. He claims that it was not satisfactory despite being in unused condition as described in my months old listing with a photo). He claimed that he would return it to me without refunding the shipping costs even though he had a photograph of the mirror prior to the transaction and agreed to the deal. As of August 6, he has been in possession of my property for three weeks with no communication for the last two weeks and neither sight nor sound of a return package. He has essentially stolen goods from me with no intention of returning them. Do not do business with this person. He has stated to me through email that because he has been registered on MA since 1999, I would be making a fool of myself for calling him out on his unethical and childish business practices. What a gaping asshole. UPDATE: I finally got my mirror back more than three weeks after the fact and it arrived broken. I guess old Chris here decided he didn't want to live up to his end of the deal once he broke it. - Sweatpantsboner
  • Notes: Chris Rhodes (Bukwheat) has attempted to censor this page to remove claims against himself.

Daniel Omri Rivera

  • AKA: Omri
  • Email:,
  • Location: Beverly Hills, CA
  • Comments:
    • Sold me a vespa variator, been three weeks no contact or refund. - Jesse007b
    • Danny got me for $45 on Oct. 1, 2011 shoulda read this first. it was a strange conversation we had. shoulda went with my gut on this one. oh well!

Daryl Armstrong

  • Email:
  • Location: Lawrence, KS.
  • Comments:
    • He will take any and every opportunity to screw you over, and is a generally shitty human being. Be very cautious when if you decide to make a deal with him, but I would highly recommend against ever acknowledging his existence. - Trogdor

David Christianson

Garret, Scott Behm

  • AKA: Gsb 50
  • Email:
  • Location: Appleton, WI
  • Comments:
    • Had one good transaction, and then sent money for wheels as a second transaction. It's been 2 months and I haven't received a refund or the wheels. Claims he has no time to ship. - Karl Schuttler (freixenet)

Ken King

  • Comments:
    • Bought an A3 flywheel off him in Sept '11. Said his motor went missing and refunded my money. PM's me 3 days later saying his neighbor stole the motor and he got it back. Said I could still have the flywheel if I wanted. So I paypal'd him at the same address as I did before. He e-mails me the next day saying to paypal him under a new paypal e-mail address because his account is under review from paypal because someone has a claim out on him. He says he can't refund me because his account is locked. Refused to communicate further. I can't cancel the payment because I sent as personal payment by accident instead of for services. Do not buy from this kid. Very shady. - Shobeaker
    • I Bought an A3 motor from him and was told I was going to get tracking info on it the next day. I waited a week no emails or anything so I filed a claim on him and got a nasty reply saying I was trying to scam him. He decided to get a new Paypal and, when I won the claim I was only refunded half of my money! Deal with him at your own risk. - Puch_man78

Steve Huffman

  • AKA: 240punk, hellamopeds, poochypuch, SteveOH, sTv, SteveOH, "Sam Huffman"
  • Email:,
  • Facebook:
  • Location: Tustin, CA; Austin, TX
  • Possible Picture: link
  • Comments:
    • 'Transaction is a no go and still has my money for a dellorto carb and airbox. Seems to be on site daily but doesn't answer e-mails or responds. Send me my money! claims it cost to much to ship. should have thought of that before ripping people. This isn't charity Stevo. Dated 04/25/2011- Double
    • It is now May 6, no mail, no money. This guy is a real putz. Beware of shoddy dealings. Lists here under SteveOH or sTv, 240 punk, poochypuch, Sam Huffman. Do not deal with him, you will lose your money! Another week we are now at May 21st, still a douche. - Double
    • Send steve a greeting! June 8th, June 24th, July 6th - Double
    • NOW HAS A NEW HANDLE ... STEPHEN H OR hellamopeds. Still has my money as of July 25th., Aug 15th, still nothing from this fuck. Sept 9 hope he rots if fucking hell. Nov 4 the fuck stick is still out there scamming people. - Double
    • WARNING!! WARNING!! WARNING!!! Don't every buy peds parts from STEVE HUFFMAN . Becaues you will never get them. I paid for a streetmate swingarm never got it !!! SO STEVE BURN IN HELL my friend - Ron Sparaco
  • References:

"Viv Ache"

  • AKA: negativecweep
  • Location: Orlando, FL
  • Comments:
    • another one ripped me off on $85.00 for a bottom end e50 and a pinto seat. great guy emailed a few times got the money to him and never heard from him again. thanks for contributing to ruining the hobby - Braddd123
  • Notes: "Viv Ache" (negativecweep) has attempted to censor this page to remove claims against himself.

Good Sellers

Larry Shaber (MopedLar)

  • Excellent guy with a wealth of knowledge about mopeds. I've bought at least 5 bikes from him as well as a whole bunch of parts. Always great to deal with. - Seth Z.

Andrew Browning

  • Bought and sold many things with Andrew. Always a good buyer and seller. And if you pick up your shit in person, he might let you ride his Harley. - Seth Z.

Ken Roff

  • Sold me a Maxi 2hp open port top end. Recieved exactly what I thought I was buying + he gave me some extra gaskets. I would buy from him again any day of the week. I can second Ken as a great seller. Bought a Motomatic destroyer from him. He shipped same day with tracking number. Extremely great guy to deal with. - Demsin79

Jesse Bechtold

  • Bought a Puch 15T front sprocket and trade a Tomos motor for a Moby VLX rolling frame. Great seller and would buy from him again. - ???
  • General Approval - Kevcmc

Ed Exine

  • General Approval - Kevcmc


  • Added himself to this list... ummm ok

Mark Hand

  • General Approval - Kevcmc

Kevin Mueller

  • General Approval - Kevcmc

Rob Meek

  • General Approval - Kevcmc
  • Fantastic seller. Prompt and honest. easy and painless process. I accidently sent him my old address for a package, and it took about a month for snail mail to return the package to him. But in the end, Rob helped me get my parts, and now my a3 is running like a champ! Thanks dude! - Flat_Beer

Jason Thibodeau (mopedjay)

  • General Approval - Kevcmc


  • General Approval - Kevcmc

Max Mojo

  • General Approval - Kevcmc

Daniel Mol

  • sold me a ZA50 all parts were there and in good condition, shipped promptly. - Hawaii_Kai

William from the Hot n Readyz in Chicago

  • Sold me a 70cc Treats kit. Was super helpful and patient with all my questions. Kit came without delay. - Funkenet

Ian Rose

  • Sold me a 65CC kit at a reasonable price including shipping, Kit was in my mailbox before we even hung up. Answered many more of my questions than I had a right to ask. Parts were right service was very good, I would buy from Ian again anytime - Mu111s

Dan Ackroyd

  • Sold Me A Dellorto 15/15 Fast Shipping And Looks Like New Great Seller!!! - Puch_man78