Honda PA50 II

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Honda PA50 II "Hobbit"


Service Manual

This manual is for a 1983 Honda PA50 II, but it applied to all models from 1978-1983

File:Honda PA50 Service.pdf

Parts Manual

File:Honda PA50 Parts.pdf

Replacement Parts

"V" Belt

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  • The OEM belt length measured on the top side (outside diameter) is 41 inches (104.14 centimeters)
  • The top and sides of the OEM belt (width) each measures 19/32 inch.
  • The bottom width of the OEM belt measures 11/32 inch.
Source Model Approx. Price Comments
Mitsuboshi (OEM) 23100-148-7030 $60.00 Available via Honda dealers
Dayco #17415 or
$12.00 It is a 41.5" belt, slightly larger than stock

Spark Plugs

Courtesy of

  • PA50 1978 to 1981 (Gap .028")
    • NGK BPR-6HS (OEM)
    • Champion RL86C or L86C
    • ND W20FPR
  • PA50 1982 to 1983 (Gap .030")
    • NGK BPR-6HS (OEM)
    • Champion RL87YC or L87YC
    • ND W20FPR