How to Register a Moped in California

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first thing you need to do is find out if it has been registered before which you can do by attempting to send it in with sections A & D filled out along with the current [registration fee]

if the bike has already been registered, according to section C the 230 form you need to fill out sections B, C, & D: “The ID Card is the transfer document. If it is lost complete Section B, sign Release of Ownership section (SELLER Signs) and have the new owner(s) complete the information in this section and sign on new owner signature line.”

in section B you need to mark both the “Substitute Plate” and “Duplicate ID Card” boxes and then mark the box for “Lost/Stolen”

in section C you’ll need to have the person who sold it to you sign on the line titled “releasing signature of owner” (the one with the X on it), then you will print your name under “Registered Owner(s) (Last/First/Middle)” along with your address county city state and zip

and finally in section D you will sign on only the line titled “Signature of New Owner” (the first line with an X)

as long as the bike has been registered before and is not reported as stolen you will get a new ID card for you moped