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Husqvarna was, and is a Swedish manufacturer of arms and later motorcycles that built their first moped in 1952, the Novolette. It was basically a bicycle with a 40 cc engine bolted on. The engine was later enlarged to 44 cc and fitted with a two-speed gearbox as an option.

Sometime 1956-57 came the second model, Roulette which had it's name from the induction system via a rotary slide valve. Very difficult to increase the power that much from 0.8 hp... but it was a reliable and very good looking moped designed by the well-known designer Sixten Sason. It was avaliable both as two and three speed(very rare). Some other models followed. As the Cornette and the scootermoped Corona.

In 1963 Monark Crescent and Husqvarna formed MCB. A constellation in which Husqvarna maNufactured all(?) engines for the different MCB models, the recently developed E-engine. Some find 1962 the Last year for the "real" Husqvarna mopeds. The name lived for some years on, however.