Indianapolis to Bloomington

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I don't know how many people will use this, but it's here. A 100% legit moped friendly route From Bloomington To Indianapolis, and back again.

To Indianapolis. You're in Bloomington Find Walnut street. It's a one way headed north.

  1. Turn at the tiki head statues at the water front park. (L)
  2. This is old state road 37.
  3. Turn in the Morgan/Monroe/Yellowood State Forest. (R)
  4. Hackers Creek (L)
  5. There is a road on the left Unmarked. To the right is a barn, and ahead you'll see a dead end sign. Turn Left here.
  6. Curve right onto Old S.R. 37
  7. Liberty Church (R)
  8. Jordan (L) Stay Straight at the one way stop sign. Jordan will turn into Burton
  9. Morton (R). Morton dead ends at a school this is main
  10. Main (L)
  11. Morgan (R) Follow until you come to the end of Morgan (there will be signs for 37 but stay until it actually intersects)
  12. State Road 37 (L) This is a state rd with 60 mph! There is a very large comfortable shoulder to ride on. You'll only be on here for less than one half mile.
  13. Teeters (L)
  14. Centennial (L)
  15. Egbert (R) Stay to your right
  16. Williams (L)
  17. New Harmony (L)
  18. 650E. also Perry (R)
  19. S.R. 37 (L) Once again, be careful, but you're only on it for a moment
  20. Old S.R. 37 (L)
  21. Cross 37 (it'll change into 144
  22. Unmarked Road (L) It's called Smokey row. It is directly after a church called Bluff Creek Christian Church.
  23. Morgantown rd. (L) Also 600N.
  24. Bluff Road (R)

Bluff/West/MLKJR It will take you directly into downtown Indianapolis.

From Indianapolis to Bloomington

Find West Street also MLKJR also Bluff Rd. Take that south until it turn into Bluff Rd.

  1. Morgantown (L)
  2. 600N also Smokey row (R)
  3. 144 (R) 144 is at a stop sign, it is unmarked, but there will be a church called Bluff Creek Christian Church to the right.
  4. Cross S.R. 37
  5. Old s.r. 37 (L) This is unmarked. Follow the sign to Waverly.
  6. S.R. 37 (R) This is a state road with a 60 mph speed limit. You'll only be on for a VERY short time
  7. Perry Rd (L)
  8. New Harmony (R)
  9. Williams (L)
  10. Egbert (R)
  11. Centennial (L)
  12. Teeters (R)
  13. S.R. 37 (L) Once again, dangerous, but very good shoulders, I had no problems. Very short distance on this road.
  14. Morgan Street (R)
  15. Main Street (L)
  16. Morton (R) Morton is unmarked, directly after Garfield turn right at next road. Look for school
  17. Burton (L) Burton will turn into Jordan at the one way stop sign. Stay straight
  18. Liberty Church (R)
  19. Old S.R. 37 (L)
  20. Stay left at the Y intersection. It will lead you onto Hackers Creek
  21. You will come to a T intersection. Left you will see a dead end sign, Right you will turn. This is still Hackers Creek
  22. Go Uphill come to stop sign, you will see state Forest signs, this is Main Forest Rd. Turn Right.
  23. Unmarked intersection. You are at the entrance to the Morgan/Monroe/Yellowwood State park. Turn left. This is old s.r. 37
  24. Go through College/Walnut Stoplight still on old 37. Will take you by lower cascades park. Awesome waterfall at the top if you get out and explore.
  25. Turn right onto college and it will take you directly into downtown Bloomington

NOTES: Bloomington is a very beautiful place. Lots of Forests, lots of different things to see and do. Get out and explore. The Drive itself is really relaxing and pretty. Give yourself at least an hour to stop at lower cascades park, and an hour to stop in the morgan monroe state park. good times. I'm guessing around 60-70 miles one way. the straight shot down 37 is something like 50 miles. have fun.