Install Treatland ZA50CDI onto Tomos

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This article is a wikified version of this post (or this post) from the forums, written by Mattology.

disclaimer: not for rookies, mostly for gurus

Things you should know

  • CDI Timing and Tuning
  • Ignition timing & verifying
  • Moped timing & tuning
  • Flywheel installation & removal techniques
  • Dremel techniques for mopeders

Tools needed

  • Dremel with 1/8 tungsten carbide burr
  • Puch / Tomos flywheel puller
  • Timing light
  • Spark plug timing (depth) tool
  • Sharpie marker
Fig 2.i: Notice the TDC line indicated with sharpie marker. This is where the keyed flywheel indicates TDC when installed.
Figure 8.i: proper aiming and utilization of timing light.
Figure 9.i. base timing of 1.8mm btdc is realized and verified.

Get to work

  1. Take old stator off. Place in garbage/throw at raccoons/ use as door stop/ add to the table/wall of shame
  2. Drink beer. Take out the new flywheel. You are going to set up the timing. This flywheel will rotate in the same direction that the arrow is indicated. Also, with the current setup, you will be able to use the stock tomos timing pin. Using the timing tool and the factory keyway on the flywheel, indicate both 1.8mm BTDC and 0 TDC. At 0, indicate a matching point on the crankcase, as evidenced in fig 2.i.
  3. Take out new CDI stator plate. You will need to compare this with the mounting hardware that your previous stator plate was held to the case with. Does the hardware fit through the slots? If so, go to step 4. If not, Dremel the slots on the stator until the mounting hardware that came originally on your Tomos easily clears.
  4. Install the stator onto the Tomos cases according to fig 2.i. With no additional dremeling, the stator will line up with one bolt hole at about the 7 o'clock position. Install mounting hardware and torque as necessarry.
  5. Wire up CDI box and coil, supply ground. Stator yellow wire goes to the center wire on your Tomos AC regulator. Brown goes to ground. Red and white go to CDI. Out of the cdi box, the black wire goes to your previous black wire on wiring harness, that is your kill switch. If you don't have any of that previous stuff, just know that when black goes to ground, kill is activated.
  6. Install flywheel on keyway. Install RESISTOR spark plug (BR8HS, BR7HS, BR6HS, BR8HG, BR8HIX, BR8ES (BR is very important for CDI longevity). Verify stator wires will not interfere with any rotating components.
  7. Prepare another beer. Turn Tomos to on and kick bike over. Bike should run. Drink beer.
  8. Set timing with timing light. Turn bike off. Set timing light power onto left AC regulator terminal. Set timing light ground onto right AC regulator terminal. Wrap inductive pickup onto spark plug wire. Shoot timing light according to figure 8.i.
  9. With the timing set properly on the stator (thats why the holes are slotted), align your idle timing to the 1.8mm BTDC mark on the flywheel from step 2. With the timing properly set, you should see the following through the timing light, as viewed in figure 9.i.
  10. Blast. Realize RPMs you've never had before on your Tomos.
  11. Use previously learned moped tuning techniques to adjust timing, fueling, and blasting as necessary.
  12. Post on this forum about how awesome your Tomos now behaves, with easily replaceable, and universal parts.

Consider getting a voltage regulator and bridge rectifier to cure any electrical problems.