It Ran Earlier

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It Ran Earlier (I.R.E.)
St. Louis, MO
Official branch?No
RalliesMocktoberfest (Fall, '08); Missouri Loves Company (Spring, '09)

It Ran Earlier, or I.R.E. as it is more commonly called, is a moped gang in St. Louis, Missouri. The group formed after two StL riders decided they needed more riders drinking buddies in their lives. The very first fix it day and ride was on 10/7/07. 8 riders gathered, tinkered, and went for a ride in St. Louis's Forest Park (think NYC's Central Park). A reporter from CBS' Early Show randomly interviewed them, and they made national news the day following their first ride. Crazy.

Since October of '07 the group has met every Sunday at Fort Hinrichs for fixing and riding. Nite Rides are every Thursday. Drinking, tinkering, breaking things...daily.

"MOcktoberfest", I.R.E.'s official rally, was first organized in the Fall of 2008. "Missouri Loves Company", a mini-rally organized in the Spring of 2009, drew over 50 mopeders.

Walter's is the new 24/7 shop for I.R.E. peeps. Amenities include welder, powder coating setup, sandblaster, fridge full of beer, stack of 70s and 80s porno, heat (occasionally), and a sink to piss in.

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