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Jawa Motors is a Czech producer of motorcycles that also produced mopeds.


Founded in 1929 by Janecek, the company name is a combination of the first letters of the founder's name and the first two letters of their motorcycle product, the Wanderer.

Jawa/Babetta Mopeds

Jawa made a variety of two-stroke mopeds and was one of the first companies to include electronic ignition on their mopeds. Unfortunately, this "Tranizmo" unit was prone to failure. Jawa mopeds now have a fairly poor reputation due to the difficulty of getting replacement parts and the high failure rate of the "Tranizmo" unit.

Babetta was a moped built in Czechoslovakia and marketed under the Jawa name in other countries. Originally the Babetta was conceived as lightweight moped to compete with the Solex moped, a brand which was popular during the 1960s. The first Babetta mopeds in 1970 featured very large 23-inch wheels, but these were soon swapped out in favor of smaller 16-inch wheels. The Babetta was notable for its electronic ignition — the first time a transistorized contact-less ignition had been used in a moped.

The original Babetta 206 was joined by a "new" model, the 207, in 1975. The difference between the two models is that the 207 featured full suspension front and rear, whereas the 206 had a rigid frame. In 1983 the original models were replaced by the new 210 model, which featured a new engine and a two speed transmission. [1]


  • 206/Babetta
  • 207/Babetta
  • 210

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