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Kreidler was a German manufacturer of small motorcycles, based in Kornwestheim, between Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart. The company was founded in 1903 as "Kreidlers Metall- und Drahtwerke" (Kreidlers metal and wire factory) by Anton Kreidler, and it started to built motorcycles in 1951. In 1959, one third of all German motorcycles were manufactured by Kreidler. In the 1970's, Kreidler became very successful in motorsports.

Kreidler was active in Grand Prix motorcycle racing, scoring nine world champion titles in the 50cc class.


External Links

  • Kreidler Repair Manual At MRA site, or in PDF format
  • Kreidler - This is the new company that bought out the valuable Kreidler brand name. All vehicles are now produced in far east, no mopeds but poor scooters and bicycles.
  • Kreidler Museum - Tons of information about Kreidler models; photos and technical data. In German.
  • - A frame number database, the complete Kreidlersong in an MP3, a forum, and more. This is a great community site for Kreidler owners.
  • MP-9 / MP-19 Manual - The American MP-9 and MP-19 manual for the Kreidler Flory in PDF format.

Repair / Maintenance Pages

  • Kreidler Clutch Swap Instructions - A simple tutorial on how to swap out the clutches in the Kreidler MP-9 / MP-19 transmissions.
  • 'The Shakes' Solution - A simple guide on how to get rid of the annoying 'Tranny Shaking' or 'The Shakes' on the american 2-speed Kreidler mopeds.



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