Kreidler performance

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Kreidlers like to stay stock, but a few things can help on the hills.

The first mod - Removing the baffle in the exhaust pipe.

  • The end-cap unbolts, a 10 or 12mm, hit it with carb cleaner, and pull it out.
  • Drilling a little to weaken it helps if it is stuck.
  • It adds a crackly-crack-crack when you let off or hang at like 1/3 throttle. Sounds cool
  • Adds 1-3 mph. Improves acccel in your head only.

Second mod - Take off the airbox and using panty-hose as a filter.

This caused my bike to actually hit 41 max downhill with two people, 36-38 down grade flats, and 27-33 sustained on up and down roads. This is with a 64 jet-12mm bing. A 68 improves accel, but limits top speed. I need to try a 66, that might be the trick.

Third mod - Second gear clutch spring mod---coming soon with pics

This mod involves two people and patience.

Remove second gear clutch, disassemble - don't lose your chin, and removing with a belt sander 5-13 or 17 coils of the single spring-it only has one. What this mod does, is cause a lag until the second gear hits-shifts and lets the motor rev up past 1/4 throtttle before shifting. Stock is 9-11 I got mine to 13 by taking 5 off. I am shooting for 17-19 shift-downshift to help keep the revs up on the hills.
CAUTION -- It is very dangerous and requires two people for reassembly because the sping is so much tighter.

Fourth mod - Carb upgrade to 14mm

  • Bore out your stock intake manifold to 14mm (preferably with a drill press but a dremel will work).
  • Install a 14mm Bing carb (you will need a sharply curved throttle cable guide in order to fit under the stock Kreidler sidecover).
  • A 14mm bing (no air filter) along with biturbo pipe clamped onto the stock Kreidler header will get you to 37mph+. Start in the mid 70's when jetting with this setup.