Lance campeau

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Lance Campeau is a Moped Army forum poster who lives in Montreal. He is an accomplished musician and videographer, a train and food aficionado, and he likes to work on his Tomos; learning as he goes along. His numerous videos of moped repair, train crossing, drumming demonstrations, and food preparation have captured the imaginations of countless readers of the General, Repair, and Off-Topic forums for over two years. His videos can be distinguished by a watermark on the bottom right corner.

His videographic endeavors have been met with stong criticism by many of the MA forum regulars. Although the videos are all very well-done, there is a widespread anti-fan base for Lance. Apparently, there are those who either don't like his moped repair pointers, don't like his music, don't like trains, don't like his food, don't like the way he looks, don't like Canadians, or just plain don't like. In the past, Lance, in good faith and in the spirit of info-sharing, would post several of his videos. More likely than not, they all would get flamed. Lately, Lance hasn't been posting too much on MA, but he is still very active in his pursuits.

A while back, Quatto, MA branch member and prolific forum rabblerouser, posted a thread entitled, "RIP Lance Campeau Dot Com". The gist of the thread is that Lance had just been killed in a moped accident. There is an accompanying video that takes one of Lance's own videos and very succinctly splices it with a viral youtube video of a scooter accident in Asia. The video is well-done, the post is pretty funny, and it is obviously a complete hoax. Lance is actually quite alive, very well, and probably basking in the fact that he has now become the Paul McCartney of the moped community.

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