Laura Engine

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Laura model engines were used on the vast majority of Batavus mopeds in the U.S. and Europe

Laura M48 Motoren

The Laura M48 engine is an air-cooled single cylinder two-stroke Laura Motoren unit. 40mm (1.57in) bore X 38mm (1.49in) stroke = 47.78cc (2.91cu in). Maximum power 2.4bhp at 5000rpm. Cast-iron cylinder barrel and aluminum-alloy cylinder head. Compression ratio 7:1. 2 rolling-element main bearings. 3 ports, reed valve, Encarwi S22 carburetor.

U.S. and European models.

Laura M56 Motoren

The Laura M56 is an engine found on the Batavus Regency and some Starflites. Daelim Motors produced mopeds under the name Trac, which used an identical replica of this motor in the mid 80's. The Trac M56 is officially the Daelim M56. Parts between the Laura M56 and the Daelim M56 are 100% identical and interchangeable.

Air cooled single cylinder two-stroke Laura Motoren unit. 40mm (1.57in) bore X 38mm (1.49in). NIKASIL plated aluminum cylinder and aluminum head, rolling-element main bearings. Reed valve, Encarwi carburetor.

U.S. models only.

Related Information

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